Mother’s Finest

Mother’s Finest

Mother’s Finest is an American funk rock band founded in Atlanta, Georgia, by the vocal duo of Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy and Glenn "Doc" Murdock in 1970 when the pair met up with guitarist Gary "Moses Mo" Moore and bassist Jerry "Wyzard" Seay. Their music is a blend of funky rhythms, heavy rock guitars and expressive soul/R&B-style vocals.

On June 2, 2012, they played at the Highlands Festival in Hoogland / Amersfoort in The Netherlands. This photo series is one of my favourites.

The light design by light master Jeroen Jans was fantastic, and the band was dressed very colourful too, which made the whole picture complete. I could even climb up in the light and sound tower. Not very easy with my heavy camera bag, but it gave an unique view on the stage and the crowd, plus a nice shot of Jeroen Jans at work.

Nice detail for me is that guitarist Moses Mo also loves these photos very much. About the photo above, with singer Joyce Kennedy, he wrote on Facebook: "Best photo of me EVA! Thank you for capturing the moment!" A huge compliment, especially if you know that this band is touring the world for over 45 years. It is also one of my most precious concert photos ever.

Moses Mo wrote a nice anecdote about this photo:
"Funny thing about this picture ... It was freezing the day we pulled in for this festival, the Highland Festival in The Netherlands. They had a market open and my wife went to look around and shop. The weather reports were reporting colder weather coming in. She knew I did not have a coat with me, she found this amazing embroidered velvet coat in the market. At first, she thought: “He will not wear this”, but ... It was getting SO COLD. She bought the coat anyway and the scarf, thinking, at least it would keep me warm. She gave it to me just before we went on stage, the air was FREEZING! Rarely do I keep a coat on during the entire set, this night was the exception. So many great photos came from this night, and I felt so special in this coat, I fell in love all over again! A Holland Dream."
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