Pre-order my first concert photo book?

I am thinking of releasing my first photo book, in a limited edition.
- With some of my favourite concert photos.
- 24 pages, high quality, with flat binding (pages open completely flat).
- Appr. A4 size in landscape.
- With a hard photo cover.
- Limited edition, perhaps 50 or 100.
- Numbered 1/50, 2/50 etc. Quick pre-order means you'll get a lower number.
- Personally signed at request.

Price: probably 35 euro, shipping not included. If enough people would pre-order, the price could be a bit lower. Perhaps not super cheap, but one day I might be a famous concert photographer and you will be the lucky owner of a collector's item: my first limited edition book! How about that? ;-)

I am now thinking which photos to choose. Very difficult, I made so many photos. You could help me on this. Which artists would you like to see in the book? With enough votes for a specific artist, I could be persuaded. I have made concert photos of the following artists:
If there are many requests for specific artists, the amount of pages could be higher, but that would also increase the price.

Let me know quickly (by private mail or on Facebook) if you are interested in pre-ordering one or more copies!