Joe Robinson, Pat Bergeson & Annie Selleck


My first concert photos ever?

Around 2009 I bought my first digital Canon camera, a 40D. I am not certain, but perhaps the show of the young and super talented Joe Robinson, winner of Australia's Got Talent 2008, was the very first concert I ever made photos of.

Looking back at these first concert tests with a digital camera, I think the results were not too bad. Of course you can see the lower quality of that first camera and cheaper lenses, and I was totally unexperienced dealing with concert lights. But of course the camera quality is not the most important part of making photos. Even with the unsharpness, I do like these first camera experiences. Joe Robinson even used one of these photos for a tour announcement, if I'm correct.

Next, guitarist Pat Bergeson and singer Annie Sellick gave a concert. What lovely duo! Joe joined them at the end.

For some reason I processed the second part of the concert in a duotone. Probably experimenting with Photoshop.

Building this new H4P website made me go through my old photo albums. I had not seen these pictures of Joe, Pat and Annie for a long time. What a nice memory, this (perhaps) first concert series ever. And a bonus is that both guitarst played a Maton guitar, my favourite guitar brand from Australia.
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