New website!


Welcome to the brand new H4P website

It was about time to totally renew the H4P website. The old one had suffered severely from a lack of attention. For the last couple of years I only posted new photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Please check more than 200 concert photo albums!

This new site is of course 'responsive', so it should work well on PCs, tablets and phones.

I designed and built this site without any CMS like WordPress. I only used pure HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript. A nice exercise in the basic web design skills. For those of you who know about HTML, feel free to take a look at my HTML code. I hope that you'll like the elegance and compactness.

I now hope to post more frequently on this photo website, and perhaps I will also write about other subjects.

By the way, the image below is not a photo! It is a technical drawing that I made of one of my favourite Canon lenses, using Adobe Illustrator.

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